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We believe in team spirit to strengthen
our teamwork to accomplish our goal.

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    Passion For Excellence

    Our product development offering helps create strong innovation engines turning good ideas into successful products.

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    Customer Centric

    The company’s main focus is on the changing dynamics of customers.

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    Innovative Products

    In this era, where businesses are facing a lot of challenges from all quarters, innovation is the only salvation.

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    Futuristic – System and Processes

    Our aim is to drive innovation and technology, while creating path-breaking solutions.

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    Inclusive Growth

    Devasya Group strives to create a wholesome growth culture where everyone is included, regardless of economic class, gender, sex, and religion.

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    Society At Large

    In our commitment to social responsibility and building a healthy society, a proactive approach for innovative social contributions.


In an increasingly complex market environment, Devasya Group is committed to serve individuals and organizations in exports, technologies, property management & real estates sales, and retail market buying and selling consulting with professional advice and expertise. Our aim is to design technology & export and retail transaction and solutions for client needs with market opportunities.


" To become a global advisory and consulting firm that protects and serves the clients’ interests. "

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Making a Difference in the World of Business

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Success doesn’t happen by chance. It doesn’t happen overnight either. Especially when it comes to business, it takes unwavering courage, strategic actions and continuous effort in the right direction to get there. Sure, we’ve heard many “garage-to-riches” stories that talk about passionate entrepreneurs who find instant fame. But sometimes what seems like an overnight success is actually a result of years of guts and gumption.

One such passionate entrepreneur whose journey to success has been a long and grueling climb driven by a mission to make a difference is Ankur J Chaudhari. Ankur’s entrepreneurial voyage started when he realized his business interests in a diverse range of industries and services. “What if I can bring these interests together through a group of businesses, each specializing in something different?”— This thought ignited a vision in his mind and soon he started working towards the idea with his business partner, Anish Parikh. They began planning a strategy to make this work by targeting service areas and mapping out each step to follow. The goal was to begin operations by the summer of 2018. After numerous SWOT analysis, and cumulative efforts, Ankur’s vision transpired into a globally leading company as he founded Devasya Group on June 1, 2018. Within a few weeks, the company began generating a steady revenue stream which led it on a path to grow and expand at a rapid pace.

A Strong Background

Successful entrepreneurship is not solely about pushing the boundaries. Instead, it’s about inscribing new boundaries by leveraging your experience along the way. Prior to establishing Devasya Group, Ankur has worked in a startup environment, mid-size as well as large enterprises and deployed multiple projects globally using agile and waterfall methodologies.

Boasting over 15 years of extensive experience in the IT industry, Ankur brings-in an extensive level of knowledge and experience to effectively shape the business and align technology to achieve the most far-reaching goals. After completing his Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School, Ankur started his career in IT-Project Management. 

His responsibilities back then involved leading and delivering client-based infrastructure, on-premise to cloud-based LAN/WAN, data center builds, wireless, application with aggregate budgets up to $50M and project teams as large as 30 resources.

The dynamic leader then worked as an analyst and gained experience in expert level protecting with gathering and validating business requirements to execute solutions, applications, systems, processes and best addressing critical needs.

Ankur also has led global Active Directory (up to 39,000 users), application/software and Infrastructure rollouts at the enterprise level that includes cloud solutions, data aggregation, threat/vulnerability identification, and leading mitigation/remediation strategies. All these experiences that he gained along the way contributed to the success that Devasya Group has achieved today.

Embracing Diversity and Fostering Inclusion

Today, Devasya Group stands tall as a leading advisory and consulting firm that protects and serves the clients’ interests. For Ankur, it was the hard work and inclusion strategies that led the company on a path to success. The tenacious leader believes in actively involving every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize business success.

“There is never any harm in getting multiple perspectives on an issue or decision, and each individual should know and understand that they are important and appreciated. This ultimately leads to better performance and longer tenures,” avers Ankur.

He further adds, “I often run major decisions by employees and ask them what they would do. It creates a fun and engaging culture as we discuss the topic and debate about the pros and cons. As our teachers used to say growing up, kids learn the best when they are having fun. We, too, believe that a positive and uplifting culture results in higher levels of productivity.”

Striking the Right Work-life Balance

Often, our work takes precedence over everything else in our lives. However, for Ankur, the work-life balance is crucial to achieving sustained success. “There have even been times in my professional career where I set my own work hours and cutoff times for work-related matters. As an entrepreneur, it can often feel as if you are never disconnected. Although I am someone who has always been in a role where I am required to set a good example, I have found that people, in general, perform better when they are more relaxed and more satisfied with their work/life balance,” says Ankur.

Key Attributes for Entrepreneurial Success

In his advice to the forthcoming budding entrepreneur, Ankur says, “Always strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance and do not be discouraged if you fall. Get back up, try a different strategy, and you will succeed. Pursue business ideas that really resonate with you or that you are passionate about. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will be more successful.

Posting these principles as cornerstones, Ankur hopes that Devasya Group will hopefully achieve great success through different industries and practices. The optimistic leader aims to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to each industry by serving various niche service areas.
One of the most distinctive characteristics that discern Devasya Group from the rest is its client-driven approach. Having employees from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, the company successfully yields quality solutions and provides a customized experience for each customer. ColorPixel Technologies, Devasya Exporters, Devasya Exporters Canada, and Devasya Retailers are the core strengths and primary sources of revenue for Devasya Group.

Future of Continual Growth

While the company has made incredible strides last year, Ankur clearly envisions an even brighter future ahead for Devasya Group. 

“Devasya Group is in a growth period and anticipates a strong second half of 2019. Recently, we have received big opportunities which will propel our company to a level we never expect we would get to,” states Ankur.

“We would eventually like to get to a point where we are a multi-million-dollar corporation and one day go public through IPOs. All of this is in pursuit of fulfilling the dreams and visions passed to me by my late father,” he concludes.

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